Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alternatives to 'genotype' and 'phenotype'

I just posted the following tweet, but realized that it needed a bit more elaboration.

The meanings I want to capture are the following:

'Genotype':  the genetic differences between different people (or other organisms)

'Phenotype':  the differences in traits/characteristics/properties between different people (or other organisms)

This is for a new blurb for Useful Genetics.  Part 1 of Useful Genetics teaches how genotypes differ and how they cause phenotypic differences.  Part 2 teaches how genotypic and phenotypic differences are inherited.

The terms need to stand alone - I'm not looking for analogies to incorporate into explanations of what 'genotype' and 'phenotype mean'.

For 'genotype' I could maybe say 'DNA differences' or 'gene differences', but I can't come up with any way to capture the real meaning of 'phenotype' in one or a few non-technical words.  It needs to not exclude any of the ways that phenotypes differ (appearance/metabolism/behaviour/disease risk etc).

Ideally the words would apply comfortably to both people and other organisms, but it's most important that they apply to people.



VJ said...

Why not simply "DNA differences" and "trait differences"? Should be accessible to most people.

PS Long time reader/fan, first time commenter :)

Hotshot said...

I have to giggle, but my students differentiate them as "letters" (AA, Aa, aa) versus "appearances."

Rosie Redfield said...

To me, 'trait' is somewhat of a jargon term, not one I would use outside of genetics. But maybe I'm wrong and most people are comfortable with it as a general usage.

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chipr said...

This is interesting, and I'm wanting to learn more about both mainly for personal reasons. As far as using the term "trait", I believe most non-technical or non genetics users will know what trait means. Ultimately, there will still need to be a glossary but your proposed terms will be easier to memorize and associate, the meaning, to the term; as opposed to the term phenotype for instance.

I like characteristic differences a bit better than trait differences.

Found while searching for more information about your Useful Genetics course (through edX).

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