Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Creative Campus - catalyzing non-routine engagement

Still at the Reinvention Center conference, Steven Tepper and Elizabeth Long Lingo, speaking after lunch.

First speaker:

Stupid jokes by a speaker (topic=creativity) who admits that he has too many slides.  Now he's reading his slide to us.  Now a slide with a table full of 4-digit numbers...  And another...  Dorky animations, annoying music.


A Master of Fine Arts degree may give transferable skills for the aestheticization of everyday life (IKEA, Apple, Target toaster).

Second speaker:

Curb Program in Creative Enterprise and Public Leadership:

Undergraduate Scholars program (4 years):

  • ability to invent
  • expressive agility, to convince
  • dexterity to develop and implement their ideas
  • ability to critically examine.

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