Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learning inside and outside the classroom (Zemsky follow-up)

Language requirements aren't later used - if students have to study a language, we should offer special sections of upper-level courses for students who speak that language.  e.g. German history for students who had studied German.

Integrate junior-year study-abroad outcomes into senior courses.

How to assess the real important outcomes???  Maybe look at what the GRE does - what do the individual questions assess.  Some successfully assess context, not facts.

Why do students who did well in high school fail even at community colleges?

Students won't do well on a test unless they have a stake in the test.  Must make the test results important to the student.

Why do student advisors (profession advisors, not faculty) like the course smorgasbord system?  Because it makes their lives easy?

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